Celebrating the Amazing Women of the Money Confident Program in 2023

December 2023 marks 2 years since I launched my financial education business.

 💛 2 years of teaching women how to get on track to retire comfortably.

 🧡 2 years of helping women create enough financial flexibility to pivot careers and leave toxic situations without financial fear.

 ❤️ 2 years of helping women build enough confidence to grow their own money through simple investing strategies.

I’ve watched women make incredible strides in their financial lives in a relatively short amount of time that have allowed them to dream bigger than they thought possible.

I want to take a moment to celebrate them.

Many of these women knew nothing about investing and genuinely believed they were “bad at money”.

Here’s just a small sample of what women in the Money Confident Program have accomplished this year:

👉 “I left my ex with zero financial stress and will have $100k invested by the end of next year.”

👉”My divorce really made me realize I needed to get my financial shit together and I’m so glad we connected. I wanted to let you know since joining Money Confident that I consolidated all my 401ks (now I know where everything is) and increased my contribution to 12%. Now I’m on track to retire.”

👉”I opened an HYSA and will get an extra $5k from that account alone.”

👉”I have finally invested my inherited IRAs into Index funds/bonds! I’m so glad I did it this year because the stock market is up over 20% right now!”

👉”I loved aggregating my wealth. It helped me see I actually do have enough for retirement and was not doing as badly as I thought! I feel so much more empowered and investing seems simple and easy instead of scary.”

👉”After learning the basics through the Money Confident Program, I was able to research which brokerage I would like to use, which accounts, and which index funds I wanted to invest in, and I know the exact amount of fees I am being charged.

👉”I rolled over an old, barely used account from my old bank that would have probably been left sitting untouched for decades! Now that money is already growing for me and I don’t have to do anything!”

👉”I increased my 401k contributions, opened a HYSA, and even chose some alternative investments that feel good to me!”

👉”I have an overall view of all my financials now, which is so empowering! I am more aware of my spending, have an investment retirement account and a digestible, systematic way to invest in the stock market.”

Money Confident post course survey results.

And this is just a fraction of a very, very long list.

Every single one of these women decided to become the hero of their own lives.

I may have educated and coached them, but they were the ones that chose to take action.

And I’m so endlessly proud of every single one of them.

And now that they have momentum, the money moves they’ve made this year are just the beginning of claiming that big, bold, and beautiful life they deserve.

So I’d love to know. Does this list inspire you to set some money goals for 2024? Email me Tess@moneyconfidentcoach.com and let me know.

Cheering you on,


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