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Money Confident - Beginner Investing Program

Money Confident is an small group coaching program and community that will help you grow your money using investing strategies that anyone can do (even if you have some debt, even if you are short-on-time, and even if you’re an investing newbie.)
In 4 weeks, you’ll learn:
  • How to build an intentional spending plan so that you can start investing consistently
  • Know when to invest, save, or pay down debt based on your financial goals
  • Save on taxes by opening your own retirement accounts
  • ​Implement a low-maintenance investment plan that helps your grow your money overtime

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I host educational workshops for organizations, companies, and more on the following topics:

Check out my FREE signature workshop – 4 Steps to Make More Money without More Work – right here.

Looking for a custom workshop for your organization or group? Here are some topics I cover regularly.

  • Taking Control of Your Money Mindset – Rewrite your money story and flourish financially
  • Investing Simplified: how to get started investing the simple way
  • Making the Most Your 401(k): how to stop leaving money on the table and learn how to optimize your 401(k) for growth
  • Investing for Freelancers: how to save BIG on taxes and start growing your money without extra work
  • Know Your Worth: how to negotiate your salary to get what you deserve

Custom workshops are available by request. Email for more information.


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Personalized Coaching

I open a limited amount of coaching spots on a quarterly basis for candidates wanting personalized coaching to evaluate their current financial situation and determine next steps. Email for details.

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