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I’m here to help you learn how to grow your money, so that you can retire comfortably and chase whatever dream is in you.

Hi, I’m Tess (she/her).

I’ve been where you are.

I made huge investing mistakes that cost me thousands.

I had so much financial anxiety, shame, and regret.

Then I learned one incredible truth: there is a way to invest that is simple and effective that anyone can learn, even if they are brand new to investing.

It just feels complicated because it’s unfamiliar.

Now as a Financial Coach with 10+ years of investing in real estate, the stock market, and businesses, I help women take their financial power back by developing a strong money mindset and learning simple investing strategies anyone can do.

Building wealth is not just about being rich…it’s about having more time to do the things we love, with the people we care most about.

It’s about freedom, flexibility, and the ability to make an impact.

More money in the hands of women is magic.

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“The only person that can guarantee your financial independence, is you.”

If you’re a woman in your 30’s or 40’s that’s ready to make your hard-earned money grow through investing but you aren’t sure where to start or you feel behind financially, this free, 4-step toolkit is for you.

What’s inside:

  • 4 step framework to help you grow your money in the stock market
  • 3 steps to improve your money mindset and flourish financially
  • Exclusive free access to one of the best video modules from my paid online coaching program, 8 Common Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid them!
  • Need-to-know financial metrics to retire and how to calculate them
  • Free financial calculators and tools to help you build wealth

Not sure where to start? This guide is your first stop.

Money Confident Program

  • Are you ready to grow your money through investing but not sure how?
  • Are you unsure if you have enough money to even get started investing?
  • Are you investing right now but not confident in your approach or have anxiety around money and investing?
  • ​Are you investing with a financial advisor or in a 401k right now but have no idea where your money is going, what fees you are paying (and yes, you’re paying fees) and what types of companies your money is supporting?

“I cannot say enough good things about Tess and the way she structures her course. Money and investing is something I have largely ignored because it seem scary and overwhelming and truthfully I was ashamed I didn’t really know more because I thought I should.

Tess is not only reassuring, but she teaches in a way that even the most wary person can feel comfortable participating. Whether you are a total novice or you’ve dabbled your fair share in investing and savings you can learn something from this course. The relaxed atmosphere she creates makes it easier to follow and she delivers the information in a way that makes sense. 11/10 recommend, it will change your life.”

Sarah C.

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