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Prior to working with Tess I felt like I was relatively knowledgeable about my finances and how to pay off debt and save money. Little did I know that I had just scratched the surface. I had always shyed away from the stock market because I was never taught how to invest properly and felt like it was too complicated.

Tess breaks down all of the misconceptions and explains how to manage and invest your money. In her Money Confident course she focuses on a different topic and takes the complicated information and makes it easy to understand. From her detailed cheat sheets to her humor and empowering messaging about taking control of your finances, Tess is the perfect leader for this course!

Since finishing [Money Confident], I have learned how to plan my spending each month, started to save for future trips, and finally opened up an investment account! I am so grateful to have taken this course and know you’ll feel the same way!”

Amy R.

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